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of our teeth.

Teeth are very important

Teeth play a very important role in the quality of life; to have good teeth is said to be one of the five blessings in life. After the common cold, the most common diseases Koreans suffer from are cavity and gum disease. However, the average treatment cost per tooth is about 570 thousand won, which is very burdensome. Therefore, to protect your teeth, prevention is very important.

  • 38.5 days
    On average, the time spent on brushing our teeth accumulates to 38.5 days during a lifetime. That’s how important brushing our teeth is in our life.
  • 20 billion microbes
    We have about 20 billion oral microbes in our mouths. There are 100 million oral microbes per milligram of plaque.
  • 4.8 hours
    Microbes double every 4.8 hours if you don't brush your teeth. If you forgot to brush your teeth, 20 billion microorganisms might have expanded to 80 billion.

is very easy

The most common reason for dental damage is poor brushing which leaves bacteria behind. If you simply brush your teeth with force, it may cause damage to the surface of the teeth and the gums. Therefore, it is important to use the right toothbrush and toothpaste according to your oral condition.


The new tooth brush

La Dens toothbrushes are durable, antibacterial, and recyclable. The head part is made of TPU (silicon) material. Because it can be sterilized and replaced with hot water, it is very hygienic and very soft. The bristles wear less on your teeth and prevent gum disease.

Please check the ingredents
of your toothpaste

Although not well known, toothpaste contains microscopic abrasives, which remove tartar. But cheap and rough abrasives, like rough bristles, harm the surface of teeth. La Dens selects ingredients carefully and creates products that are effective. In addition, La Dens uses pigments and ingredients derived from nature to satisfy your dental care needs.


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